Saturday, August 22, 2009

Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah

Wow is all my time completely consumed by my son! I love that baby to death and will do anything for him, but I don't think teenagers know what they are getting into having children young. I am 18 and a legal adult but if I could have done it different I would. I would have taken time with the boyfriend and I to travel and learn more about each other.


It didn't happen that way. But I can't change it and at this point seeing my son I do not regret it. Boyfriend and I are big family people and can't wait to straighten everything out to have more children.

As for friends of mine in High School who had kids at 15 and 16 even 14, I can't believe they did. Its crazy how much it takes for a baby. Not to mention labor. (Which I had a natural labor free of pain meds.) But even having a kid while in college is going to be hard. He wakes up every two to three hours all the time so I don't sleep much more than that.

On another note here is me post partum. 2 weeks. Yepp that was two weeks ago from this thursday. Isaiah will be a month old thursday!

I hope to get back to pre pregnancy weight of 120. I'm 134 in the picture. Hopefully soon, for now its all Isaiah.


  1. Hey Sweetie!

    Super cute! And you know what? Yes you are young and had your baby young, but I did the same thing and it's as hard as you make it. Those little babies bring so much joy into our lives that it's hard to look at it as anything other than a blessing. You look happy, and you and your boyfriend seem to have a really healthy, and happy relationship. You will do fine. I took my baby to classes with me often when I was in college and the key is to choose child-friendly professors/instructors because there were times I had to run out in the middle of class, go get my baby from daycare and bring him back to class with me. Everybody knew him there.

    I wish you ALL the luck in the WORLD. But you will be fine. have a little Leo child there so you birthed the best (smile).

    Take care,