Thursday, January 7, 2010


Have I been gone a while or what? I didn't even expect it but Isaiah is getting so big and he is going through some great milestones! Hes 5 months now and I hope to be back on here more. I have recently gotten into crocheting... more info on that if anyone may or may not be interested. Anyway some pictures of Isaiah!


  1. Yes Gurl! You've been gone too long! But looks like you had the best reasons in the world.

    The baby is absolutely gorgeous, but like I said, it was inevitable with two such gorgeous parents, he had no choice but to be spectacular!

    Drop by, you have been greatly missed! The book and ebook is published., baby, click the links on my site.

  2. Hey im following you.
    Your baby is so cute.And your so beautiful.
    xox khem

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