Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Official Blogger

Hey, well I am clearly new to this site and am interested to see what it has to offer. As far as my small tiny part on the site is where I need to vent, post up anything that interests me, etc. Seeing as how I am pregnant (with a BOY!), I will probably be putting up A LOT of things I come across that deal with pregnancy fashion, and my ways of looking good during pregnancy. =] For anyone that is curious, yes I am pregnant and yes I know I'm only 18 but I am still enrolled in college, I am just on an academic stop out which is basically a pause. Also if anyone is wondering, I am 8 months pregnant/32 weeks and my son Isaiah is due August 28th. His father is still in my life and probably the absolute most amazing guy in the world <33.

Me at 32 weeks!


  1. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I would do the same for you. There's nothing wrong with having kids young. You are older than I was when I started! I am glad you are going to continue to go to school. I just got my BA degree in Dec. and will be starting my masters program in Aug. The brain just doesn't work the same when you are older, believe me! I am still with my high school sweet heart...31 years together. Take care and good luck with your relationship and new baby boy when he joins the world!

  2. Congrats on your baby boy! =D

  3. haha wow you look gorgeous! (:
    thanks for visitin my blog!
    can't wait to see yur baby boy.