Sunday, July 5, 2009

Affordable Maternity Swim Suits!

So of course it's that time of year for summer bathing suits, and if your like me you love to shop with them. However on the other hand you probably find that it's hard when your pregnant for the first time. So of course I set out to find where the cutest and best fitting affordable maternity swim suits were.

Where did I find mine at? TARGET! for only $15! It was on sale and it came in a two piece. They had the absolute cutest tankinis! If your one to show of your belly in a two piece bikini then Target isn't the place for you, but I love to emphasize my belly but not over expose it.

This was the set that I got and absolutely adore it! The straps were a little loose but nothing major that I wanted to return it. Plus it works out because if I want to tan my shoulders...down goes those straps nice and easy!

This was another swim suit I fell in love with and this one is online for only $14 which is a great deal because maternity swim suits can be so expensive. But because I only have this month and next month of being pregnant I won't go out and buy this swim suit... but I do love it!

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