Monday, July 6, 2009

Site Images I made

So I have been a little bored lately, seeing as how I'm pregnant and finished my freshman year and quit my job for my son I have a lot of time while my dear boyfriend is out working. So because I love that boy sooo damn much I made a banner.... baby te quiero (I know a cheap way to show it haha). Feel free to use if you decide to come across here and use it.
Their is the banner. And because I used to be such a myspace addict, I created a contact box to match it.As well as a cute repeating heart background to match!
Hopefully you like it. I like to do a lot of layout type stuff for myspace and so I thought maybe I might get back into it. Not sure though. I'm a former xanga addict, I as well have TONS of sites I used to go on and create images, I just don't remember them all. =P

1 comment:

  1. Very Nice banner, your son has a very creative mother! You can do all kinds of cool things for his nursery! What a wonderful boyfriend to work so you can take time off, he's a keeper! :)